IASP – Risk Assessment

About Course

Risk Assessment is suitable for employees involved in managing risks within the workplace. It is designed to give learners the confidence to undertake suitable and sufficient risk assessments and identify appropriate and balanced control measures. This course is for anyone who has to carry out risk assessments in the workplace.

What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to Health and Safety.
  • Definition of the terms 'hazard', 'hazardous event', 'risk' and 'risk assessment'.
  • Definition of the terms 'likelihood' and 'consequence'.
  • Risk assessment process and risk rating systems.
  • The benefits of carrying out risk assessment.
  • Definition of the term 'reasonably practicable'.
  • How to evaluate risk using a risk matrix and how to control those risks.
  • How to reduce risk by applying the "hierarchy of risk control".
  • How implementing risk controls can impact the likelihood of an incident, consequence of an incident or both factors.
  • Definition of the term 'residual risk'.
  • Understanding hazards in the workplace.

Course Content

Risk Assessment

  • M0: Course Introduction
  • M1: Introduction to Health and Safety
  • M2: Risk Assessment Process
  • M3: Risk Controls
  • M4: Understanding Hazards

Risk Assessment – Final Exam

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