CPD – Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

About Course

The “Environmental Awareness and Sustainability” course is designed to enlighten participants about the ecological footprint of both individuals and enterprises, offering strategies to minimize these impacts. It delves into a broad spectrum of environmental topics, enhancing the candidates’ understanding of critical environmental concerns. Additionally, the course offers a comprehensive introduction to Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and explores the organizational benefits of obtaining EMS certification.

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability is suitable for anyone as part of their job or as awareness training for those candidates whose organisations are introducing an EMS.

What Will You Learn?

  • Identify the meaning of: the environment; weather; climate; habitats; ecosystems; biodiversity; pollution; sustainability
  • Identify the importance and benefits of sustainable development
  • Identify an environmental management system's main components and the certification process.
  • Outline the principles and practice of impact (risk) assessments
  • Identify the main sources, types, controls and impacts of air pollution, water pollution, environmental noise
  • Identify the waste hierarchy and ways to effectively manage waste
  • Outline the measures that need to be in place when dealing with emergencies.

Course Content

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

  • M0: Course Introduction
  • M1: Foundation of Envronmental Awareness
  • M2: Pollution, Impact Assessment and Emergencies

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability – Final Exam

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